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Alessandro Bocchetti
"These are the years of Abruzzo, these: of its beautiful, varied and heterogeneous territory, of its rural products that have remained intact, of the discovery of its vigorous and complex cuisine, of its traditional vineyards and of the rediscovery of native vines. In short, the region is a laboratory of intelligent and beautiful synthesis between modernity and tradition, which is the most current and happiest mirror of food and wine modernity. "
Alessandro Bocchetti Journalist
Heinz Beck
“I have always loved and appreciated the products of this splendid region. With its green hills full of pastures in contrast to the impressive and majestic "Gran Sasso" mountain, Abruzzo contains authentic beauties and values, not yet fully appreciated and known. "
Heinz Beck Chef
Luigi Cremona
"Why Abruzzo for an Italian? Because it evokes that nature, that environment, that world that too much of Italy has now irremediably compromised. Why Abruzzo for a gastronome? For that ease of being in close contact with so many good things, with so many flavors that immediately make you feel the character and fiber of this region. "
Luigi Cremona Journalist


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Tourists say, In Abruzzo the best cuisine

Good, indeed excellent news for our region! The best Italian cuisine is the one that can be tasted in restaurants