Mangia bene, mangia abruzzese!

Bellezze e bontà abruzzesi tutte da scoprire!

About Us

FoodShop Abruzzo

Is a website aimed at dissemination of Abruzzo typical products and tourism. The project was born in 2014 by the All In Service agency team in Penne (PE), a group of professionals combined by the love for Abruzzo and its food specialties.

FoodShop Abruzzo was created to allow local entrepreneurs to sell their food and wine excellences around the world, promoting the “Abruzzo” brand and the territory.

Mission & Vision

To spread and to sell in the world, through the web, the food & beverage specialties of Abruzzo tradition, finding the right balance between experience and innovation and carrying out our work with the same love with which our entrepreneurs enhance the territory.

With FoodShop Abruzzo, every person in the world will have the opportunity to know Abruzzo region and purchase its products.

Eat Well… Eat Abruzzo!

The Abruzzo food tradition was born with the pastoral tradition of the inland mountain areas and in the maritime tradition of coastal area. The isolation that has characterized Abruzzo for decades has ensured that its traditions remain alive and independent.

According to a survey carried out by “Confesercenti-Ref” and conducted among foreign tourists who choose Italy, the best Italian regional cuisines is that of Abruzzo.


Abruzzo seen through our logo

Our logo was conceived, designed and built starting from the love for our traditions, the value that is the basis of our project, and from that mix between sea and mountains that makes our territory a unique ecosystem in the world and a much appreciated tourist attraction.

The heart is the symbol of our love for Abruzzo and its products and the love that every Abruzzo entrepreneur in the agri-food sector transfers to their land, obtaining excellent results that contribute to giving prestige to Made In Italy in the world.

Inside the heart there is the image of our region, defined as the “green lung of Europe” for its high percentage of forests and uncontaminated areas, that create the best conditions to obtain high quality food products. For this reasons we have decided to represent it with the green color.

The blue colored part of the heart represents water, a source of life and an element of inestimable value for the purposes of agricultural production. Thanks to its rivers, lakes and natural springs, Abruzzo can enjoy them in high quantities. The water we want to represent is also that of the sea, another element that helps to make our land appreciated.