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“Capocollo” Seasoned Loin

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  • Prodotto 100% Abruzzese
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The “Capocollo” Seasoned Loin by “Salumificio F.lli Costantini” is excellent for an appetizer or also for a special dinner, with a really pleasant and delicate flavor. It comes from pork loin deprived of most of the fat, salted and lightly flavored before going on to the maturing phase of at least 90 days.

It is obtained by boning and salting the “capocollo” (a cut of meat),  slaughtered in Costantini slaughterhouse in Torano. The “capocollo” seasoned loin is put on the market after about 3/4 months of careful seasoning in special rooms. Its average weight varies between 1.5 and 2 kg.

This loin is produced by the Salumificio F.lli Costantini at their factory in Torano Nuovo (Province of Teramo – Abruzzo – ITALY).


Pork loin, salt, pepper, natural flavors, dextrose. Antioxidant: E301. Preservative: E250, E251.

Meat origin: Italy

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