chitarrina alla teramana

“Spaghetti alla chitarra” with little meatballs, known also as “chitarrina alla teramana”, is one of the most delicious made in Abruzzo recipes. It is a first course prepared with “spaghetti alla chitarra”, spaghetti cut with a traditional tool called “chitarra”. They are seasoned with meat sauce and little meatballs, that give it an unmistakable taste.

Ingredients (for 6 portions)

700 g 00 flour

6 eggs (1 for person) + 1 egg for the meatballs

500 g mixed ground meat for the meatballs

200 g beef meat for the sauce

3 peeled tomatoes cans (or 2 l tomato sauce)

50 g butter

1 extra-virgin olive oil cup

1 little onion

1 carrot


parmesan cheese


To make “spaghetti alla chitarra” put the flour on a pastry board; add the eggs (albumens and yolks) and knead for 35/40 minutes; roll out the dough with the rolling pin and make it not too thin; cut the puff pastry in 60 x 20 cm rectangles; put each rectangle on the “chitarra”‘s chords (lengthwise) and push it with the rolling pin. You will get “spaghetti alla chitarra”.

Prepare the dough for the meatballs amalgamating the ground meat, a pinch of salt, the parmesan and an egg; knead and make little meatballs; flour the meatballs, then fry and drain them on a blotting paper sheet.

Prepare the sauce with tomatoes, beef meat, butter, oil, onion and carrot and let it boil for at least an hour with low heat. Halfway through cooking add also the meatballs.

Put a lot of water in a big pot, salt it and bring it to a boil; then put spaghetti in the water and wait until they come back to float (it happens in a few minutes); stop the cooking adding cold water; season it immediately, add grated parmesan and serve it very hot.